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Let's get rid of the piles and create the home of your dreams.

-Jessica Varney, Certified KonMari Consultant, Buford, GA

Compassionate Decluttering and Supportive Organizing

For Those Who:

  • want to declutter and organize specific areas of their home.

  • appreciate the support of a professional organizer after the loss of a loved one (parent, spouse) or after a divorce. 

  • feel overwhelmed organizing alone and would love the help of a coach/ cheerleader/ accountability partner. 

  • have a clear plan in mind and wish they could clone themselves and get things done three times as fast.  

  • dream of parking two cars in their garage. 

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Tidying Lessons 

For Those Who:

  • watched "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo"on Netflix and felt motivated to make a change.

  • are ready to decluttter and organize using the KonMari Method of home organization.

  • desire to declutter and organize by category: clothing, books, paper, komono (miscellaneous) and sentimental. 

  • understand only items that spark joy will be kept and a large volume of items may be discarded or donated. 

  • want to get rid of their piles and organize their home once and for all. 


Who's That Girl?

Hey Friends! I'm Jessica.

I love people. I love organizing stuff. And I love to laugh and make others laugh, too.  

In college, I majored in science and

minored in musical theater.

So I am equally into putting things in neatly labelled boxes and  for doing jazz hands. Seriously, you can ask the kids I taught science to.    

You can think of me as your home organizing guru /coach /cheerleader /stand-up comedian. ​

As we work together to organize your home, we are going to do some hard work.

And it will change your life.

But we are also going to laugh.

Because people are hilarious and

getting organized is fun!

So let's tidy up! This is going to be a blast. 


Kind Words From My Clients 

Jennifer G
Asheville NC

Jessica has a uniquely fun and supportive way of approaching home organization.

I still regularly use the skills I learned to declutter my house, and my brain!

What we accomplished together in one hour takes me one week. I highly recommend her services!

Jody D
Asheville NC

Completely overwhelmed, we needed help purging and organizing our home of 20 years.

Jessica's contagious exuberance, patient guidance and fun-loving personality made the task much less daunting. The entire process altered our vision for our home and family, and we continue to apply the principles of the KonMari Method™ that Jessica taught to us daily.

We highly recommend Jessica and her services to help you tidy up your home and your life!

Lauren M

Nashville TN

Jessica made the tension that tends to accompany the KonMari™ Method non-existent as she honored my personal process. 

I never felt judged, rushed or shamed, but rather guided toward solid, healthy decisions with

humor and grace. 

She answered my questions and encouraged me beautifully.

I wouldn't want to work

alongside anyone else!

Questions Clients Ask

How Much Does a Professional Home Organizer Charge?

How Much Does a

Professional Home Organizer Charge?

The cost to work with a professional home organizer  varies wildly based on the organizer's

location, experience, and credentials. 

Based in Buford, I have worked with hundreds of unique clients over the course of thousands of hours. 

I have been trained and certified by Marie Kondo and her master-level home organizers.

I work with clients to organize their homes using both the KonMari Method and more traditional home organization practices. 

My Rates Are As Follows:

$300 for 1 Sesson (4 Hours)

$1350 for a Package of 5 Sessions (20 Hours)

How Long Will It

Take to Organize

My Home?

How Long Will It Take to Organize My Home/Space?

There are Two Main Factors that go into determining how long it will take to organize your home/space.


Factor 1: You. How quickly can you decide whether to keep or discard an item? How much time are you able to commit to the organizing process?

Factor 2: Your Home. How many square feet? Number of rooms? How tightly packed are your belongings?


Long Story Short

Every client is different and every home is unique. 

How Do I

Start Decluttering

My Home?

How Do I Start Decluttering My Home?

This answer is going to sound odd at first,

but stick with me.


The first step in decluttering your home is to ask yourself, “Why do I want to be organized?” Until you can clearly identify your reasons for wanting to change this area of your life, you will lose momentum as soon as the work gets hard. Making significant changes in any area of your life is hard work.

If it wasn't, you would have done it already.


Therefore, the first thing I invite all my clients to do is imagine their ideal lifestyle.

What Is The

Difference Between

Traditional Home Organizing and the

KonMari Method?

What Is The Difference Between

Traditional Home Organizing

and the KonMari Method ?

The main difference is the amount of time spent organizing and the longevity of the results.

Traditional Home Organizing:

  • Home is organized one room at at time.

  • Offers quicker results, but often with a shorter lifespan. 


KonMari Method Home Organizing:

  • Created by organization guru Marie Kondo.

  • Entire home is organized by category.

  • Offers slower results that can last a lifetime.

Is Better Storage or a Bigger Home the Solution to My Organizing Problems?

Is Better Storage or a Bigger Home the Solution to My Organizing Problems?

In a word? NOPE!


Despite what popular home organizing shows and storage solution stores may try to tell you,

more or better bins are not the solution

By decluttering first and creating healthy boundaries for your belongings, you may be surprised to find most of the storage space and storage items you need already exist in your home.

And a bigger home? It is just a larger container.

Without good boundaries you will quickly fill it. 

Does the 

KonMari™ Method of Home Organization Really Work?

Does the KonMari™ Method Really Work?

Yes! For the method to be most effective:

1. Declutter by category

(Clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, sentimental)


2. Use the feeling of joy as your main qualifier for keeping or discarding your belongings.


3. Wait to finalize storage until the very end. 

4. Complete the process, organizing your entire home.

5. Find more joy living in an organized home than living in a cluttered home.

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