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Welcome to The Tidy Up Girl!

Let's get rid of the piles

and create the home of your dreams.


Who's That Girl?

Hey Friend! I'm Jessica!


I love people.

I love organizing.

And I love to laugh

and make others laugh, too.  

Growing up in the home of depression-era hoarders, I longed for a sense of peace in a home of cluttered chaos.


As a professional home organizer, it is my delight to help folks find freedom from their stuff and create space for the lives they long for.


 As we work together to organize your home, we are going to do some

hard work. 

But we are also going to laugh.

Because life is hilarious and

getting organized is fun!

So let's tidy up!

This is going to be a blast.

"Life truly begins after you have put your house in order." - Marie Kondo

Kind Words From My Clients



Jessica has a uniquely fun and supportive way of approaching home organization.

I still regularly use the skills I learned to declutter my house, and my brain!

What we accomplished together in one hour takes me one week. I highly recommend her services!



Completely overwhelmed, we needed help purging and organizing our home of 20 years.

Jessica's contagious exuberance, patient guidance and fun-loving personality made the task much less daunting. The entire process altered our vision for our home and family, and we continue to apply the principles Jessica taught to us daily.

We highly recommend Jessica and her services to help you tidy up your home and your life!

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Jessica made the tension that tends to accompany the KonMari™ Method non-existent as she honored my personal process. 

I never felt judged, rushed or shamed, but rather guided toward solid, healthy decisions with

humor and grace. 

She answered my questions and encouraged me beautifully.

I wouldn't want to work

alongside anyone else!

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