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Meet Jessica
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I am a former earth science teacher who minored in musical theater, so I am equally into putting things in neatly labeled boxes

and doing jazz hands.

After I became a mom, I was able to fulfill my dream of staying at home with my kiddos while they were little.

When my family experienced a major life transition, I worked my tail feathers off and became a certified KonMari(R) Consultant

This is a fancy way of saying

I am trained and certified by Marie Kondo 

in her method of home organization.


You can think of me as your home organizing coach / cheerleader / stand-up comedian. 

It is an honor to serve my clients by helping them identify and achieve their home organizing goals and, as a result, change their lives!

Fun Facts About Jessica


I wear a size 2 in children's shoes. 

Image by Elia Pellegrini

My favorite minerals are garnet and pyrite. Bonus: They are fun to say like a pirate!

Holding Hands

I married my college sweetheart - the most thoughtful (and tidy!) man in all of creation. 

Image by Alan Hardman


"Raspberry Beret"

by Prince is my jam!


Image by Gülfer ERGİN

I love children's literature and reading aloud to my kiddos.

Image by Christina Branco

I have eaten an entire box of cookies in the grocery store parking lot. More than once.

Ready for us to get started

organizing your home?

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