How I Stopped Being an Organized Hoarder
Allow me to explain...
Moms bureau.jpg
"Exhibit A"
My dresser "Before"
Me with Marie
KonMari Square-ish.jpg
my dresser.jpg
"Exhibit B"
My dresser "After"
Certified to tidy like Marie

Raised by depression-era hoarders, I grew up surrounded by piles of stuff. My parents kept anything and everything. Seriously - my mother (whom I love dearly) still has her books of ration stamps. 


She also once had a coffee table covered in glass and ceramic ashtrays. Not because anyone in our family smoked. She purchased them at yard sales because she believed them to be the "antique of the future." Obviously she never spent much time in the Virginia-Carolina tobacco belt. 

With so much stuff to work with and an inner drive to tidy up, I have been organizing since I was a kid. One of my first childhood memories was creating my own divided containers with shoe boxes, pieces of cardboard and lots of scotch tape. I meticulously sorted and stored "My Little Pony" clothes in them. 

In middle school, I organized the sock drawers of unsuspecting babysitting clients. In hindsight, this was incredibly inappropriate. But at the low-low price of $5.00/hour for both babysitting AND organizing, they kept hiring me back for more. 

Sounds great, right? Not so much...  


My stuff, and there was lots of it, kept me pretty busy. I cleaned it. I arranged it. I sorted and organized and stored it. And then I did it all over again, never able to master it. In fact, it started to feel like it was MY master. I needed to be set free! 


Since I don't have any photos of my old bedroom, I call to the witness stand "Exhibit A." This is the top of my mother's dresser. Yup. That's a dresser! And that is what my own dresser used to look like.


After I got married, I got better at letting things go thanks to the objective-yet-kind perspective of my husband. But I still felt like I was missing a key factor in the process of organizing.


When I read Marie Kondo's first book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," I finally figured out what I had been missing. I realized I had been keeping stuff for all the wrong reasons:

  • It might be worth something

  • Someone gave it to me

  • It might be a rare antique

  • I might need it someday  

The factor I had been missing all along was: JOY!!!

"The criterion for deciding what to keep and what to discard is whether or not something sparks joy."

- Marie Kondo

Using joy as the main qualifier for keeping things literally set me free from feeling like I "had to" keep things for all of the wrong reasons listed above. Check out the top of my dresser today ("Exhibit B").

Can you relate? Y'all, I have been there! And I am here to help. I so look forward to helping you get free from your piles of stuff and get organized once and for all! Contact me to get started!