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Whole Home Organization

Individual Rooms or Specific Projects

Imagine coming home and feeling

peaceful instead of feeling overwhelmed.

From your kitchen to your bedroom to your home office,

you are able to relax and find everything easily.

Whole home organization can include:

• Decluttering and organizing each room.

• Introducing products and systems that give everything a place.

• Decluttering before you move.

• Unpacking and organizing your new home.

• Giving your home an easy-to-maintain, organizational makeover.

Sometimes you have a room or two in need of some focused attention to help simplify your life. 


It could be a closet filled to overflowing, a pantry that makes you dread dinnertime, or those boxes you have been avoiding for years - you know the ones!

I am here to help!

Things you might need help with:

• Closet editing and organization. 

• Kitchen/pantry decluttering and streamlining

• Kids’ bedroom/playroom makeover and creating simple systems your kids can help maintain.

• Home office organization, including conquering your piles of papers and organizing office supplies. 

Sessions Include

  • 4 hours of hands-on home organization.

  • Donation removal (one car load per session).

  • Travel to and from your home or storage unit.

  • Time spent designing layouts and creating organization solutions.

  • Suggestions of products that would work well in your space.

  • Standard labels for containers and files.

  • Homework to help you keep progressing if you are interested.

  • Having fun while getting stuff DONE!


Individual Sessions

$350.00 per session

($87.50 per hour)

For clients who prefer to purchase 4 sessions or fewer.

Package of Sessions

$315.00 per session

($78.75 per hour)

For clients who prefer to purchase 5 sessions or more.

the fine print

  • All pricing is based on a 4-hour session.

  • At the time of booking, a deposit will be required to confirm your appointment.

  • The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your project.

  • Pricing is for labor and travel only. Any organizing products purchased by The Tidy Up Girl at the client’s direction will be billed separately.

“Today is the day you rid yourself of anything that distracts from your best life.”
- Joshua Becker

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