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Your First Tidying Session

What To Expect

Every tidying session involves time spent organizing, celebrating your progress, and setting goals for your next session, but the first one begins with:

1. A conversation about your current home organization challenges. 

2. A tour of your home or the space to be organized, during which "Before" pictures

may be taken (per your permission) to document your tidying progress. 

3. A lesson in sorting and storing your belogings in a

visible, accessible, and beautiful way. 

How To  Prepare

Do not tidy ahead of time.

It is important for me to see your home as it is. 

Resist the urge to purchase any storage items

Finalizing storage is the last step of the tidying process.

You may be surprised to find that you already have most of what you need on hand. 

Do have trash bags poised and ready

Regardless of the fate of the items you choose to discard,

you will need a healthy supply of big, strong trash bags to contain them.

Reduce potential distractions.

Spouses, kiddos, pets, cell phones and even music

can all cause you to lose focus while tidying up.

To make the most of our session, your undivided attention is essential. 

Finish washing any laundry and pickup your dry cleaning.

If applicable to our time together.

We want to make sure nothing is missed.

Folding these items is not necessary.  


Set aside your unmentionables.

Should you have things you do not wish for me to see, set them aside.

You may assess these privately as part of your homework in between tidying sessions. 

Fuel your body.

Staying fed and hydrated will improve your mood and your energy levels,

making your session both fun and efficient.    

Get a full night's sleep.

Making good decisions requires good rest.

Please endeavor to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep the night before your session. 


This is going to be fun!

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