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Public Service Announcement: Are You Suffering from SCB?

An early spring means many of my clients are emerging from the winter weather only to realize they are suffering from a case of SCB.

What is SCB?

Well, I am glad you asked!

SCB stands for Seasonal Clutter Buildup!!!

But Jessica, you say, that sounds like a thing you totally made up last night while sitting in the Juvenile Literature section of your local library waiting for your daughter to be done with her math tutoring session.

Well, THAT sounds like a strangely specific accusation...

ANYWHO, symptoms of SCB may include:

  • Piles of paper so high that surveyors are contacting you to measure their height.

  • An entryway or mudroom where neither entry nor room are physically possible.

  • Hoards of homeless holiday decorations you fear may stay out until next Christmas.

  • A garage that appears to be doubling as a distribution center for

  • Giant dust bunnies made entirely of kids clothes, toys, and artwork that they no longer fit into, play with, or remember creating in the first place. Hey, wait! There might be an actual kid in there!!!


Maybe I'm exaggerating.

A little.

But never fear, the cure for SCB is here!

No really. It's right here.

It's a professional home organizer!

If only you knew where to FIND A GREAT HOME ORGANIZER

Hold on. Was this a commercial?!?!?!

Maybe. But at least it was mildly amusing.

All that to say, whether you are in need of an organizing refresher or are ready to conquer the clutter in a new area of your home, I am here to help!

Because let's face it. “Stuff” happens!

With Laughter,

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